ViewGene is a family tree viewer that lets you easily view and investigate your ancestry. It runs as a Windows Store app on Windows 8.

This application displays your ancestors in a convenient layout so that you can see how many descendants you have on each branch of your tree, allowing you to see where to focus your investigations.

The application loads in your family tree information from a GEDCOM file, which is easily exported from most family tree websites and applications.

The free trial allows you to investigate the application's features with the sample GEDCOM shipped with the app. Purchasing the application allows you to load in your own GEDCOM file, so that you can investigate your own family tree.

The application contains a number of screens, the first is a pedigree chart layout, but it displays a large number of ancestors on the same screen. Its aim is to allow you to easily see how many ancestors you have of a certain generation. Applications and websites such as or don't maintain the true hierarchy on screen, to make more efficient use of screen space. However, on touch devices it's easy to quicky pan and zoom in and out of data as required.

ViewGene Pedigree Chart

The second screen is a Timeline Fan chart. It graphically shows how the lifeline of each of your ancestors, allowing dates to be easily validated. allows dates to be formatted in freeform text, and it is easy to make date input errors. In addition to this, it is easier to see, for example, all ancestors who were alive in any census.

ViewGene Timeline Fan Chart

The third screen is integration with Bing Maps. It shows all known locations for all ancestors, and draws out their migration paths.

ViewGene Mapping

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