Jabuka Tutorial 3

Tutorial 3 of Jabuka (C# physics and 3D engine) is finished (a lot shorter than tutorial 2, but I didn’t want to be working on it for six months again). The main page is here http://www.taumuon.co.uk/jabuka/, and the pdf file is here http://www.taumuon.co.uk/jabuka/Tutorial3/Tutorial3_v1.pdf.

This tutorial basically just consumes the work done in the last tutorial (the Test-Driven Developed physics component), by our 3D app. Also has a brief discussion of favouring composition over inheritance.

I think next up will be simple sphere-sphere collision detection, and then once this is working then add rotations. Some feedback on handling rotations would be good – I’ve got quaternion rotation working, but as it’s kinda a beginners engine maybe I should just use matrices? Anyone care?

Jabuka Tutorial 2

Tutorial 2 of Jabuka is now finished! It can be found on http://www.taumuon.co.uk/jabuka/ (or a direct link to http://www.taumuon.co.uk/jabuka/Tutorial2/Tutorial2_v1.pdf ).

Tutorial 1 was an introduction to Visual Studio 2005 and the Tao Framework in developing a simple 3D application (as well as being a tutorial on OO design and refactoring).

Tutorial 2 is predominantly a tutorial on Test-Driven Development using NUnit (whilst developing a very simple C# Physics Engine).

This tutorial was far too big, and took far too long to finish, so the next ones will be much shorter (5 to 10 pages) but hopefully more regular!